ENT Workstation


Basic Plus

Models- 450, 550, 700

With over 25 years of continuous technical and functional development of the product range, BASIC PLUS presents a classic that has been optimized in detail and is technically adept.

A modular, freely configurable structure from different versions and sizes of the BASIC PLUS as well as additional modules and equipment meets the need for individuality and tailor-made solutions.

Clear lines and design language ensure a tidy, timeless appearance with a calming effect for the patient. At the same time, all functional elements are structured, ergonomically optimally arranged and designed for one-handed operation in everyday practice.

Constant use of the latest technologies and materials in close cooperation with clinics and practices provide valuable development impulses. The BASIC PLUS sets new standards in terms of hygiene requirements and technical properties and offers outstanding practical handling as well as quick and easy maintenance.

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Smart – the OR Mobile

The mobile treatment unit in a compact design !!

The idea for the SMART ENT treatment unit arose from the groundbreaking form of the first ENT treatment unit, the Otopront “column”. This design, which combines all functional elements in one place, has been reinterpreted in the SMART ENT treatment unit, taking into account today’s requirements and technical developments. The result is a highly flexible, yet fully equipped, slim and elegant treatment unit.

The ENT treatment unit SMART can be easily rolled to different locations using 2 stable, appropriately dimensioned rollers. The optional equipment, such as a microscope with stand or the associated instrument tables and cabinets, are also provided with castors. The complete unit is therefore flexible for mobile use in the outpatient operating theater, at the patient’s bed or in several treatment rooms.

Thanks to the space-saving arrangement of all components, the SMART ENT treatment unit can be fully equipped: vibration-free high-performance surgical suction device for 24-hour use, hot water flushing system, compressed air, up to three automatically switching LED light sources, integration of HF or endoscopy systems and microscopes.

All elements can be conveniently operated from a sitting or standing position thanks to the forwardly inclined upper side and their circular arrangement around the body. The perfect “assistant” also for standing treatment.

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